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Since graduating from UCF in 2005, I’ve had experience in many diverse careers, but the foundation for the majority of my ventures has been in Real Estate. I love the real estate market and the possibilities it holds for everyone who partakes in it!

A Little About Me:  I’m proud to call the Sunshine State home. I arrived here at age 13 after sailing from South Africa. Through high school and college, I focused on being a competitive athlete, with tennis, swimming and soccer being 3 of my favorite sports. I love exploring new places and cultures, broadening my horizons, learning new skills and being on the go. I am proud to be a part of the Waterman Real Estate team, the #1 Broker/Associate in Brevard County. We are a strong team of agents with a family friendly feel.

My Promise To You:  I understand that the real estate transaction process can often be challenging and complicated. But my personal experience as a long-term investor, house flipper, landlord/property manager, and real estate agent for all my wonderful clients, allows me to take the pressure off of you, so you can make clear and concise decisions throughout the process. My work ethic is built on thorough communication, strong attention to detail, catering to each client’s individual needs and ensuring a positive experience for those I work with. So, sit back and know that you are in good hands!