Florida real estate is on the rise now that so many people and families are traveling to this great, sunny location. You and your family can take a stress-relieving vacation to Florida to give it a “test-drive” in one of the many luxury towns and cities. Since Florida has over 60 counties separating the cities and their amenities, it makes sense that there is more land available for home development and expansion then any other location in the nation. Geographically speaking, Florida is a peninsula, meaning it is surrounded by water on three sides. This known fact brings more opportunity for outdoor fun with miles of open beach to have fun and relax. Both the East and West Coasts of Florida are home to some amazing cities and phenomenal views of aqua-colored waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. On the East Coast of Central Florida there are many cities and amenities that make up the core of Brevard County, and provide the support that its residents need to survive in today’s hectic lifestyle.

Sharpes Florida

The city of Sharpes, Florida, is one of the smaller cities in Brevard County and helps the larger cities expand by building new housing developments. The smaller cities like Sharpes or Mims actually help the tourism industry for the bigger cities by allowing them a secure place to live. The city of Sharpes is only about 6 square miles in size, with half of the land mass as water, so finding enjoyment out of the beaches and other outdoor amenities is a walk in the park, literally. Some of the surrounding cities and amenities include Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, and Rockledge, with amenities including close proximity to all of the local shopping, many home communities, the beach, many fine dining restaurants, and much more.