Covid 19

Dear Waterman Real Estate Customers,

Thank you for your business throughout the years. We hope this message finds you and your family members in good health! It is a challenging time we are all experiencing personally and professionally. Our heart goes out to all who have been affected and are continuing to be impacted by this disease.

We understand the growing concern regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 and the increasing impact in our communities. We wanted to personally inform you of what we are doing to keep our customers and agents safe! We strive to provide superior Real Estate service and We are OPEN for business and are available via Phone Call, FaceTime, Text & Messenger. We will provide Market updates, periodically through our Social Media & Email Platforms. We have informed our Agents of our extra sanitation process for all common areas and client interactions.

PRECAUTIONS WE ARE TAKING FOR ACTIVE LISTINGS: We are asking all interested parties, if they are sick or feeling ill. We are also inquiring whether or not they have traveled abroad or to the hardest hit areas such as NY. If the answer is yes, and it hasn’t been more than 14 days, we are denying the showing. We are providing Video Tours to accommodate any customer who can’t visit the property.

SELLER SAFETY TIP: ALL doors are to be left open including closets & bathroom doors, to prevent surface contact. SELLERS are advised to sanitize front door handles & lockboxes immediately upon returning HOME, along with any handles used for EXTERIOR door access points.

BUYER SAFETY TIP: Social Distancing at all times, 6 feet away from each other. Video Showing options via Face Time or Email.

CONNECTING WITH OUR AGENTS: All agents are advised to carry Clorox wipes & hand sanitizer, they are to use hand sanitizer every time they get back in their vehicle and wash their hands thoroughly as soon as possible. At the end of each day, each agent is required to Sanitize all car surfaces including door handles exterior.

MARKET UPDATE: It is too soon to tell what exactly will transpire with our local Real Estate Market. Properties are still being listed, shown and CLOSED. People are sitting at home and browsing our tours, and saving the properties they love. While we expect to see a slow down in terms of showings & closings over the next few weeks. We foresee for it to pick-up as people adapt to their new normal and return to work. History has proven that any time our economy has been disrupted we experience a short-term economic boom. We are all in this together and we are expecting to see a strong financial rebound in our community.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to Waterman Real Estate, we look forward to seeing you very soon!