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Born on Long Island N.Y, our family moved to the Pocono mountains in the early 1960’s, to start a motel and restaurant resort where we all shared duties when I was only 8 years old, and “I loved every minute of it.

My family sold the resort in 1971 to begin a new venture here in Brevard County.
After High school, I moved to Atlanta to work with an Energy Conservation Group during the ‘Energy Crisis’. Following a process of cleaning and refurbing many H.V.A.C. systems in the Metro area, engineering studies proved a 30+ percent energy savings. (some studies by Ga. Tech). After many energy studies, we realized that air quality improvements in the homes and businesses were Paramount.
I then returned to Brevard County in 1984 and founded Breathe Easy Indoor Air Quality Services, the very first service of its kind in the State of Florida, serving Brevard County, where my wife Sandy and I, have been improving the air quality, health, and lives of thousands of Florida residents all of these years.
And now, at “This Time of My Life”, …Due to the Fact that the ‘Old 60’ is the ‘New 50’…I have been welcomed by Mr. Andy Waterman of privately owned Waterman Real Estate, Inc., who has been in the “Top Ten”, of Real Estate Companies for many years in Brevard County, competing with the Big Boys”, to represent him in ‘Again’…’For Me’…another opportunity to continue to work hard helping those with needs of a different kind! Buying or Selling Homes!!!
Not just ‘Houses….Homes!  Because as the old saying goes, “Home is where the Heart is!”
Working with Andy, my future goals are the same as always for my lifelong personal motto! To be the ‘Golden Link’, in everyones ‘Chain of Good!